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We aren’t just a contact manufacturer, we’re a partner. We see your brand’s success as our success. When your customers have needs or problems, we don’t just wash our hands of it, we roll up our sleeves.


We’ve worked with people who only had an idea and helped them develop that idea into a product, and that product into a multi-million dollar brand. All our major customers started small with us and now they’re living their entrepreneurial dreams.

Your business needs a manufacturer that you can feel confident and have the capacity to grow with you.

Full Service Manufacturer

Most of our major customers source everything through us so that they can just focus on sales. We can provide design services, label printing, source custom bottles, and even fulfill your product for you.

Most manufacturers aren’t going to take responsibility for your company the way that Merit does.

Fast and Flexible Production

We know exactly how it feels when you have an exciting idea. You want to get to market as quickly as possible so you don’t miss the opportunity. At Merit, we pride ourselves in being able to create full products from scratch and go to market quickly.

And when that one social post goes viral and your sales go through the roof, we can adjust to meet your customers demand.

Experienced Team

Your brand is going to have all the knowledge that years of manufacturing experience can bring. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and struggles that can come from fast growth, and we can share with you what we’ve learned helping others create and grow their brands.

Success is never easy, but it can be easier when you have knowledge and experience on your side.

We wouldn’t have the business we do without Merit. They worked with us when other manufacturers wouldn’t and took a personal interest in the products we wanted to develop.

Adam Hendle

Owner, Ballsy

Are any of these True for You?

My current manufacturer can’t meet demand.

We work with some national brands that move thousands of products a day and we haven’t reached out limit yet. You’ll be confident you can grow your business with us.

My pricing isn’t competitive

Let us quote out your formula and see if we can’t give you a price that makes it easier for you to hit the best price point for your market and still make a healthy margin.

Product quality is inconsistent.

We pride ourselves in being able to maintain a product mix over and over again. Our production team is very talented and dedicated to giving your customers a consistent experience.

I make everything myself.

We get it, you want to focus more on selling and less on mixing, pouring, and packaging. That’s fair, and we love working with smaller businesses like that. We do it all the time.

My manufacturer has limited services.

Merit is a one stop shop. If you want a manufacturer that can also do your fulfillment as well as help you R&D new products, we’re your perfect match.

I don’t get responsive customer service.

Our team takes customer service and professionalism very seriously. We want to make sure that every one of our customers is treated with respect. It’s our responsibility to help you grow and be successful.

Not all Moves have to be Painful

The idea of changing your manufacturing can be stressful. Sure, you have your issues, but you’re comfortable with things as they are. But in order for your company to thrive, you need a manufacturing partner who is going to exceed expectations on every level.

That’s why we take great care when we’re onboarding a new brand or product. We’ll replicate whatever product you have, whether you have the formula or not, and we’ll review the samples with you until you’re confident that we’ve got it right.

When you’re ready to handoff the manufacturing to Merit, we’ll work with you to build that first PO so that you can protect your cashflow while maintaining your inventory.



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