A Better Manufacturing Partner

Whether you’re starting a new brand, looking for a new manufacturer, or you’re looking to expand your product line, Merit is here to help.

Fast, Flexible, Quality Production

In today’s marketplace a company’s manufacturing capabilities needs to match their creative ingenuity. Go to market strategies have accelerated and manufacturing must be able to keep up.  Our goal is to bring your product vision to life without sacrificing quality or time.


We have customers that came to us with only an idea and have grown their brand into a multi-million dollar ecommerce success, so no matter where your brand is on the journey, we’re experienced in taking you to the next level. With Merit, you know that you’re going to be able to meet your customer’s demand.


For growing brands, our fulfillment services can be a game changer. We can not only make your product, we can store it and ship it directly to your customers.  Our fulfillment team is flexible and has experienced years of heavy holiday sales with growing brands, so we know we can support whatever your business needs.

Experienced Team

From our sales team, to our marketing and consumer insights team, to our full-time chemists, and even the men and women on the manufacturing floor, we have the industry knowledge needed to deliver success.

We wouldn’t have the business we do without Merit. They worked with us when other manufacturers wouldn’t and took a personal interest in the products we wanted to develop.

Adam Hendle

Owner, Ballsy

Call today and let's talk about what your business can look like tomorrow.

Merit Production Roadmap

Product Consultation & Project Needs

• Identify your market

• Define your product set

Brand Support & Industry Trend Analysis

• Market Analysis

• Packaging and Labeling

Product Development or Recreation

• Work with our team of chemists

• Recreate any existing product

• You review and approve final products

Scaled Manufacturing Based on your Needs

• Services based on your brand’s size

• We grow with your business

Fulfillment Services

• We can ship to your customers

• We can ship to Amazon

• We can ship to your 3PL