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For growing brands, our fulfillment services can be a game changer. We can not only make your product, we can store it and ship it directly to your customers.

No additional shipping charges to a 3PL

Fast and Reliable Fulfillment

Ecommerce integrations

Responsive warehouse services

Easily scales with your business

Our fulfillment team is flexible and has experienced years of heavy holiday sales with growing brands, so we know we can support whatever your business needs.

Seamless Integration 

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Simplify your Business

 Managing your business day to day is easier when all your manufacturing and fulfillment is done through Merit

One Point of Contact

You don’t have to worry about coordinating shipments with your 3PL or balancing customer service requests between a shipping company and a manufacturer. Merit will take care of everything.

Fast Replenishment

As your company grows, Merit can more quickly replenish your stock to keep you selling. Even if you use Amazon Fulfillment, you can use Merit as auxiliary fulfillment so that you never miss a sale.

Call today and let's talk about what your business can look like tomorrow.

Having manufacturing and fulfillment under one roof is huge for small businesses. You get the benefit of time and savings.

Adam Hendle

Owner, Ballsy

Don’t Slow Down

Our fulfillment team has survived multiple busy holiday seasons and they know what it’s like to ship thousands of packages a day for multiple companies.

No matter how your company grows, or what seasonality your market has, our team can grow and adjust to meet your sales needs. We’re dedicated to never keep your customers waiting. Ever.