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The Perks of Private Label

Small Minimum Order Quantities
No need to invest in a large inventory, we have you covered.

Available Immediately
We know the formula and have the ingredients ready for you.

Scales with your Business
We manage huge orders, so order what you need when you need it.

No Need to be an Expert
Skip right past the product development stage and start selling.


How it Works

Pick your Products

Choose which products from the catalog fit your brand and your market.

Design your Labels

Design your own label or have our staff designers create one for you.

Place your Order

Finalize your quantities with one of our team members and place your order.

Start Selling Products

You’ll be building up your business sooner than you expect.

Getting Started

We recommend that you select a couple products to start with. Here are a few of our favorites.

High Margins

We developed these products so that you would be able to sell them at a reasonable price to your customers and maintain very profitable margins in your business. It’s our job to help make your brand more successful.


We pride ourselves in putting the Arete stamp on our private label formulas. We know you don’t want to sell your customers a product that just seems like any other, so we have a broad range of products for you to choose from, each of them with unique ingredients and selling positions.


All of our products are built using All Natural Ingredients and are tested to meet your customer’s expectations for quality. These are products your customers will love and that you’ll love selling.